:.HEMP..Homicide..&..Political Influence..
:.Click here or photo to access Hemp & Homicide page..
:.The Connection to the 911 terrorist & DC Sniper..
:.Deliberately Forgotten Since January 3rd., 2001..
:.Solving the murder of Christal Jean Jones..
Negligence of Law Enforcement..  SRS ( child protective services), :.&..The
Political Influence of the (Governor) Howard Dean,MD. Administration..

Dean has for far too long been beyond public accountability,
just as law enforcement, and others, prevent the public from knowing the true risk of government policy and behavior..
:.&..Politics..Justice depends on who You are..
:.&.. WHO..your pointing the finger at..
Seeking Trial Lawyer to recover homestead, and damages.. Fight
for 'Justice' or for the attorney fees.. Or both..Protect the Civil
rights of the Whistle blower..
:.Rag..(position papers)..
:.This page is extremely important: within two weeks from
the release of this article in the Old North End Rag..the DEA
had me arrested in City Hall Park.
:.THEE Question.. asked re: arrest for smoking Pot.. :.WHY NOW.
To files, complaints, and "Intel" provided to
federal law enforcement authority..
know how they used the "intel" .
:.To Help the Victims of Violent Crime.. :.WRONG..
:.Links Page..
To documents provided to 'authorities'..
:.Letters to the editor..
:.The purpose of this website is to provide documentation of specific information provided to law enforcement
and other authorities.. :.1.. issues of discrediting a 'whistleblower' filed against IDS/AMEX, and State
Regulators.. :.2..Dedicated to solving the homicide of Christal Jean Jones, which is not only solvable, it was
preventable, but authorities refuse to listen and provide 'witness protection' for the victims'/witnesses, while
allowing the violent offender to remain on the streets and threaten the young non-violent for the sake of narking
out a few potheads.. this case clearly illustrates the failed policy of the 'war on drugs'.. rather than each person
being allowed to speak in confidence to their doctor.. a fundamental civil right.. what do all these issues have in
common.. their political oversight, kept from public knowledge, by a negligent, complicit press..
For details please
contact me for individual or public forums to discuss these issues, problems and solutions..
:.Please contribute to my political campaign to become Chittenden County States Attorney.. the
First amendment to the United States Constitution in reguards to Freedom of Speech; states,
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free
excercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or of the right of the
people peaceably to assemble, and
to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Let me protect the issues of states' rights and federal intervention into local issues, protection of the
doctor patient right to confidentiality and keeping the government out of the civil right to
healthcare..supporting not only medical marijuana but the same approach as with regulating and
taxing alcohol, with organic medical marijuanna dispensed through the existing licensing and
regulating medical herbs; plants and potions.. Establishing a Vermont state identification for doctors
and represent any doctor in charges of  behavior in physicians duty to control pain by federal
authority.. Help end the 'war on drugs' and address education; health care, and civil rights.. Violent
offenders will be jailed and the non-violent drug offender will be offered treatment.. The issue of
public health in infectious disease requires a licensing and regulating of acknowledged working
prostitutes; with health care requierments.. Community Risk will be reduced with greater personal
responsibility for public behavior being presented to the jury to determine community standards and
enforcement in the common law with acceptance of native American tradition; accepted religious
traditions, and common sense.. Strict enforcement of environmental laws; storm water runoff, slum
lords and absentee landlords.. Neighborhood enforcement of noise and litter.. petition state legislature
to adapt Handicapped Service Animals Laws.. Animal rights and protections, by protecting the
natural habitat, establishing game reserves, and protecting the national forest..

:.Please direct your contribution to
Paul Charles Duprat
for Chittenden County States Attorney..
:.To.. First Amendment Artist page..
City & State to discredit whistle blower by 'abuse' of authority..
:.Why the 'pot' (420) logo on the website.. and won't that hurt my chances of being elected.. No, in fact quite the opposite.. I never smoked pot as a kid, and it wasn't until
after surgery from injuries received in the line of duty as a police officer, and countless white pills that somebody said here smoke this.. It worked better than anything that I
hade tried.. it reduced inflamation and enabled walking and moving about without great discomfort or the sedated sensation of other medical pills and potions.. I certainly
won't be the first states attorney to smoke pot, but I'll be the first to admit it publicly.. there is no person on this planet that is going to make me feel like a 'criminal' for
using this natural herb.. I am responsible for my behavior just as anyone.. pot is not a 'gateway drug'.. it is a 'gatekeeper drug' that is available by dealing with the most
dangerous people in the community, and kids are then introduced to other drugs, much more dangerous, and the lies about pot cause kids to disbelieve the dangers of heroin
and crack.. the use of marijuana by a broad based public will help reduce the cost of medications, prisons, and remove many from the court dockets.. I've always been very
open in my 'civil disobedient' use of this plant, and it wasn't until I named the Federal prosecutors as allowing violent offenders to 'talk&walk', that authorities then came
after me in an effort to discredit my complants.. I'm not one to back away from a serious issue.. I face life head on with the jury as my standard of acceptable community
behavior.. Just as Maxine Waters (D-Calf.Congress women) found the DEA introducing heroin in her community.. the same is true in Vermont, though no-body will
address this issue.. a violent heroin/crack dealer can stay in business just as long as when the DEA shows up they talk, talk talk.. this policy allows the violent offender to
remain on the streets and the young non violent drug user then has no hopes or benifit from testifying.. Because I have extensive experience in the underworld on narcotics
and dangerous drugs, I am able to get "Intel" about most violent offenders in the community.. once elected into office I can change the policy of allowing the violent
offender to walk.. Violent people should be taken out of the publc domain, and drugs should be handled under the oversight of the patient/doctor confidentiality unless the
behavior is a threat to society..
Letter to editor Burlington Free Press
re: Judge Cashman..Sentencing..
:.Front Page.. Campaign Handout..
Practice.. Policy.. & Procedure.. Attorney's
and Investigators.. want an opportunity to
make a difference.. Submit your resume for
employment, background in securities/cash
& risk management, insurance bad faith.
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private detective agency..
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handout.. Practice.. Policy.. &
Letters to Vermont
Governor: of course never a
response to the issues..
Letters to Vermont's' secretary of state:
so much for Professional Regulation and
protecting the whistle blower
:.Letter to Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss RE: City Gun Control..
:.Letter declaring run for publicly elected office of Chittenden County
States Attorney..
:.Letter to Mayor Kiss: RE: Burlington a
"Sanctuary" City.. an important 'States Right' :.&..
Civil Right..
Searching for a little lite-hearted entertainment..
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:.photographer.. Ms. Judy Greensmith..Below T.J.Donovan & the Defective? Detective at
the Seniors Public Forum.. Above.. @ Channel 17 Debate:(R)John St.Francis,Esq. the
:.Defective ?Detective center, and (D)T.J.Donovan, Right in photograph.. and top photo,
while playing Chess in City Hall Park..
Election 2010 Talking Points and Position Papers
:.Channel 17..Written response to questions..
The only media access to government
:.Channel 17..  VIDEO
:.Letter.. Vt. Sec. Of  State James Condos..
:.Berkshire Armored Car Robbery..
Another solvable case neglected by authorities and the
:.More Neglect..

Paul Charles Duprat
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:.Defective ? Detective..
:.a private detective agency..

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